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Electrolysis is an FDA approved treatment used to achieve permanent hair removal. The procedure involves the use of a sterile, disposable probe which is inserted into the hair follicle necessary for a current to be transported into the bulb region. The current then destroys the hair germ cells that surround the bulb, disabling the hair follicle to grow.

Anyone can be a candidate for electrology because it works on every skin type and hair color and typically requires 6-16 treatments.
Receive great results for "after laser touch ups"

Pre-treatment Instructions

  • Hair needs to be above skin surface and long enough to grab with a pair of tweezers
  • A Doctor’s note is needed for anyone with: diabetes, hair removal from moles, heart coagulation problems and during pregnancy
  • Avoid makeup, creams or moisturizers and deodorants before treatment

In-treatment Instructions

  • A topical anesthetic is optional (Prescribed by your doctor)
  • Skin will be cleaned with alcohol and witch hazel will be used throughout treatment to soothe the skin
  • Client will feel a little discomfort during treatment from the current

Post-treatment Instructions

  • Skin may have slight redness and swelling of each hair follicle that was treated that may last up to 2 hours
  • Avoid using makeup and be sure to keep area clean for about 24 hours
  • Witch hazel, aloe, epsom salt soaks can be used after treatment to soothe the skin to avoid breakouts
  • Sun should be avoided for the first 48 hours and sunscreen must be applied to the area treated